The Whistle-Blower, A Financial Obligation Capital Market Specialist Who Holds a Master’s Degree in Finance, Might Not Be Called Since A CCMA Judgment in January

Asked why the PPLAAF is getting her case, Bourdon, in an emailed reaction, stated it appeared that she had been “cornered by the abundant and effective” as an outcome of her disclosures.

” We have to reveal other whistle-blowers that, if your previous manager aims to bleed you dry for doing the best thing, there are people out there who can help you.”.

Bourdon stated this case was likewise essential because South Africa was a prominent nation and, if her state capture accusations held true, it revealed that decision-making at the greatest level of the state was being identified, in part, by personal interests.

” That a minister of finance might be selected by a couple of business people then be watched by a specific business consultancy or more … this is not a little thing.”.

Her previous companies challenge that she is a whistle-blower and have identified her actions as those of a vindictive previous worker looking for vengeance.

Said Bourdon: “If you came across tricks that revealed people in leading positions breaking the law, overturning democracy, ransacking the public handbag, then, for me, you are a whistle-blower and we will work within the laws of your nation to secure you.

” Snowden spoke out because he did not anticipate his federal government to spy on everybody. And this whistle-blower has spoken out because she fears her finance minister can be managed by business people,” Bourdon stated.

In deciding to support her, Bourdon stated a group analyzed the benefits of her legal case and “evaluated” the size of the deck stacked versus her.

” And we asked: ‘What will happen if this whistle-blower is hung out to dry? What message will this send out to others?'”.

Trillian asked if there was any possibility of settling the case including the whistle-blower and whether this might lead to the different cases versus her falling away, sent out a brief declaration, decreasing to comment due to the matters being sub judice and referred the M&G to previous declarations on the concerns.

The PPLAAF’s intervention might lastly get the whistle-blower’s CCMA case back on track, which is a prospective game-changer. Trillian’s duplicated rejections of state capture links would then undergo forensic assessment in court.

And it represents a significant increase for the wider examination into state capture, which has ground to a stop pending the result of President Jacob Zuma’s evaluation application of the public protector’s therapeutic action. Previous public protector Thuli Madonsela had directed the 2nd stage to the state capture examination– a judicial commission of query. The public protector’s representative, Oupa Segalwe, stated this depended on the result of Zuma’s application.

Much of the whistle-blower’s case rests on the info she provided the public protector, which Trillian has actually looked for to stay out of the general public eye through litigation versus her.

The CCMA just recently ruled that she might use a package of company files in her case but not before she adheres to a subpoena to produce her declaration to the public protector, a matter still to be heard at the Labour Court in Johannesburg.